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Help Videoverse thrive and survive!

Take a trip back to the days of the early internet and fan forums, when the video game console "Kinmoku Shark" and its online social network "Videoverse" were still popular...

VIDEOVERSE is a 1-bit love letter to old-school social gaming networks where you play as Emmett, a video game-obsessed teenager. In this narrative adventure game, you’ll browse community pages, share artwork, make friends and report trolls to help this retro-inspired social network become a better place for everyone.

Will your actions help Videoverse thrive or will you get caught up in teenage dramas, video game fandoms and corporate conspiracies?

VIDEOVERSE features:

  • A decision-based narrative adventure that can be enjoyed in around 6 hours
  • A chill, retro-inspired soundtrack composed by Clark Aboud (Slay the Spire, Kind Words)
  • A nostalgic throwback to retro social networks like MSN messenger, Miiverse and online message boards
  • Original artwork and 1-bit pixel animations
  • Choose your avatar and set your personal quote
  • Unlockable side stories
  • Accessibility options, including closed captions, self-voicing, sound and music volumes, colourblind friendly themes and clear fonts

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Just reading the description of your game already makes me so nostalgic and happy at the same time. Great idea, great visual designs. I can't wait to try it.

That makes me happy :) I hope you'll enjoy it!


Looking slick!


Looking forward to it!

Thank you :)