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“A profound exploration of love, games and fandom.”
The Guardian

Relive the days of past social gaming networks in VIDEOVERSE – A decision-based narrative adventure focusing on character development, friendship and love, from the developer behind One Night Stand.

As Emmett, a young video game fan and aspiring artist, dive into this fictional video game era, where the Kinmoku Shark gaming system and its online social network, Videoverse, were still popular. Strengthen Emmett’s friendships, share fan art and browse the lively gaming communities. Make decisions that will change how Emmett grows, his approach to Videoverse and, ultimately, the final outcome!

Will your actions help Videoverse thrive, or will you get caught up in teenage drama, video game fandoms and corporate conspiracies?

Relive the Days of Retro Gaming

VIDEOVERSE is inspired by Miiverse, MSN messenger, early internet forums and 00’s technology. The chill soundscape of the Kinmoku Shark, composed by Clark Aboud (Slay the Spire, Kind Words), will uncover memories of your favourite retro gaming consoles.

Explore Videoverse

Meet a huge cast of characters, unlock multiple side stories, enjoy the pixel doodles, and seek out the truth behind the troubled social gaming network! Personalise your Videoverse experience by choosing your avatar, personal quote and favourite theme.

Join Feudal Fantasy Fans

Accompany Emmett as he plays the Kinmoku Shark’s most popular JRPG, Feudal Fantasy. Swap theories and discover tips from other FF fans in its exclusive Videoverse community…and find out whether or not Hanzo will be able to stop the evil Nobunaga!

VIDEOVERSE contains several accessibility options:

  • Clear Font
  • Closed Captions
  • Colourblind Friendly Themes
  • Content Warnings
  • Sound, Music and Voice Volumes
  • Tip Button

“The campaign for Videoverse to be the one true Twitter replacement starts here.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

Updated 8 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Aug 07, 2023
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure, Simulation
Made withRen'Py, Clip Studio Paint, Blender
Tags2D, Narrative, Pixel Art, Ren'Py, Retro, Romance, Slice Of Life, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, High-contrast
LinksSteam, Homepage, Steam, Blog, Twitter, YouTube
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Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

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just finish off of steam and my god it was truly a experience like many said i would love a sequel hahaha but thank you for this game with all the emotion that it made me go trough <3

i wish videoverse was a real thing


This game is awesome! I write a blog about indie games and would love to interview you!





we need a sequel
Bought this game on steam, and it's 10/10 for me.

PLEASE, consider making a sequel. I wanna see more of this game's universe. The story already made by this one game could be LEGENDARY if it's continued.

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Hey, I bought the game on steam. Sadly, the self voicing feature doesn't get along with this game well. I was only able to start the game and get past the narration, and then I couldn't use keyboard at all to continue. i'm a blind person and I would appreciate a better self voicing support, because I love the concept of videoverse. Is it possible to improve accessibility? If not then sadly I'll need to return it since I won't be able to play it anyway. Regards.

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Hey, thanks for your message and letting me know. I'm really sorry to hear it's unplayable for you. These two issues are mostly problems with the engine and the interface of the game (there have been several struggles trying to get it working to this point). As I'm a solo dev, getting this fully working will take several months so, for now, please issue a refund. I will also remove self-voicing from the description so no-one else is disappointed. Accessibility is something that means a lot to me, so please look out in future for a potential fix as I'd like very much for you to be able to play the game.


I'm really glad you are even considering accessibility, because not many people do, and I really appreciate it.  Also I fully understand that as a solo dev it is harder to make sure everything is working well. Sadly the only thing I can do is offer to be a voluntary playtester once you decide to make self voicing work better. Just curious, are you going to port it to ren-py 8 one day? Again thanks for consideration.


Thank you, I will keep you in mind. Hopefully I'll be porting it to Ren'Py 8 after I've had time to fully test it, though that'll likely be in the new year.


OK, I'm not gonna ask for a refund then, since you have bigger plans for it.


I still would because I can't make any promises...and if I deliver, then you can re-buy! :)


omg I loved that game so much! Thank you! At the ending I had some tears im my eyes... <3


Thank you for playing :)


Can't wait for the sequel to this!


Real real glad I bought this - it unlocked some early internet memories of AIM and message boards that I'd all-but forgotten. Sharing my art on the internet was a huge part of my childhood and now I'm a professional illustrator and it's basically the only thing I do. The whole experience looked, sounded and felt great. I'll be keeping an eye on the creator + what they do next! I kept the black + white theme the whole time by the way. Can't beat that contrast haha

Thank you! I'm a fan of that theme too haha :D


I think it is a rlly cool game and I would recommend it!


Very cool! Reminds me of Hypnospace Outlaw, which I love


I'm not sure whether I should buy this. What is this? This may be something intense/profound to me and something I would like. Is this a game? If so, how do you play it?


It’s a narrative adventure game where you make choices and interact with the characters in an online setting. Please check the trailer for more :)


omg I loved that game so much! Thank you! At the ending I had some tears im my eyes... <3

Thank you for checking it out :)


add tf2


nice Game. Even i I never joined a video game community, its fun interacting with the characters and let the story evolve :)


so COOL looking! also, how did you make this style?

The art was done in Clip Studio Paint and Procreate :)


Just finished Videoverse, and it's easily in my top games of 2023. Thank you for making such a beautiful love letter to online communities <3


Thank you so much :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I have played the whole entire game and... wow what an amazing ending :,) 10/10 I did not expect that ending at all!!

Aww thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much :D

Steam port or you doing itch exclusive?


It's on Steam, too. If you get the itch.io version, you get a Steam key as well :)


Can't wait for the release. I have an obsession with games that emulate os.

Thanks :)


Will it also allow you to go online and see posts by Steam users?


nice one


im happy this game will be released 3 days before my birthdayyy!! this game is very cool ill share this to my friends

Aww thank you :)


This look very promising, congratulations !

I won't be able to play it on PC so I hope it will come to others platforms someday.

Thanks for the comment! VIDEOVERSE will be on PC, Mac and Linux initially, though I hope to bring it to more platforms in the future :)


Olá, estou muito ansioso pelo seu jogo, eu serei o primeiro a compra-lo, e zerar C:

Haha obrigada!


Just reading the description of your game already makes me so nostalgic and happy at the same time. Great idea, great visual designs. I can't wait to try it.

That makes me happy :) I hope you'll enjoy it!


Looking slick!


Looking forward to it!

Thank you :)